About Me

SHANISEJ. | Hey! As you can see, I'm Shanise and host and run this blog. I am super crazy about music and love to get lost in a movie, so I figured, why not make a music & movie review blog...so I did!!
I'm twenty-one, born & raised in Springfield, MO. I live at home with my mama and two brothers; Daishon(9) and Devon(17).
I am in the process of figuring life and myself out...slowly...but I'll get there. Figuring everything out includes, a job, school, kids, family, relationship, friends, family..etc...etc. What I want to do, where I want to go. Everything.
So much more difficult than it needs to be.

Two random facts: I'm slightly afraid of glass. I become obsessed with things easily and quickly. And they lose my interest just as quickly!

(P.S. That is a tag, trying on clothes. lol. Don't you love my argyle skull socks! I say it compliments the outfit nicely!)

TWISTEDSYMPHONY | Welcome to my fancy new blog where I'll be doing reviews of music and movies and soon giving away music and movies and whatever that entails. :)
I'm still working on getting this blog up & running, so bear with me!
I will try to post more once I get settled in. I love love love music--all kinds! So there's probably about an 82.95% chance that you will find something you like! (Yes, that's an accurate percentage)
I also love almost all types of movies and I am nothing like critics. I only critique how I felt about the movie, whether I liked it or not. Why or why not! Critics get paid to crtique. Me, I just let you know what I think. Forget graphics and acting skills. It's all about the people and the story in my opinion!!!
(I need a new button.)

I host two other blogs called Camisado Mind and Bury the Castle, but because this has nothing to do with books...this will be easier to handle!

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