Friday, October 8, 2010

Movie Review: Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet
Released: May 14th, 2010
To DVD: September 14, 2010
Amanda Seyfried - Sophie
Christopher Egan - Charlie
Vanessa Redgrave - Claire
Gael García Bernal - Victor
Franco Nero - Lorenzo Bartolini

Review: When Sophie and Victor decide to take an early honeymoon--before their actual wedding--they decide to go to Italy.
After Sophie realized that Victor is more interested in finding vendors for his upcoming restaurant, she goes on a solo journey through town, where she comes across Juliet's balcony in Verona, Italy. Women sit around the wall and under the infamous balcony crying their eyes out, begging Juliet for some kind of help in their lives. Whether it be romance, children or even health.
Sophie meets a group of women claiming to be "Juliet's Secretaries" who write back to each woman seeking Juliet's help and with them Sophie stumbles upon a letter, well hidden, written over fifty years ago from a woman, Claire, who so desperately needs answers about her lost love, Lorenzo. Sophie feels she has no choice but to write back.
When Claire arrives in Verona, Italy with her handsome son Charlie she declares she is going to find Lorenzo, because it may just be her last chance.
Even though Charlie protests, Sophie tags along.
The trio set out on a mesmerizing expedition across the beautiful country of Italy.

I was completely taken in from the first five minutes of this movie. I have always loved Amanda Seyfried and to know she would be in Italy, the number one place I would like to visit...that was it. I was hooked.
From the beginning it's obvious that Sophie and Victor are opposites, but not the "opposites-attract" kind, which leaves so much open from the heart.
Sophie is a "fact checker" for a New York publisher who has her heart set to become a writer. As she goes on this journey with Claire and Charlie you learn more and more about how much she loves writing as she keeps track of everything in her journal stored in her messenger bag...connected to her hip!

The chemistry between Charlie and Sophie is palpable and fascinating at the same time. The constant bantering and disagreeing give this movie a lighthearted and fun atmosphere.
Claire. She was probably my favorite part of this movie. I don't think any other woman could have been better for this part. She was a magnet that drew me in rooting for her, just hoping she was going to find her lost love. When she'd talk to Sophie or Charlie, it was as if she was talking to me. She was so unbelievably sweet and warm.

Charlie...that accent was enough for me. Even if he did seem to have a stick--- I loved him anyways. But it was obvious he had a big heart when it came to his grandma, and he knew that Sophie was there for comfort.

Real life married couple Franco & Vanessa (Lorenzo and Claire) were absolutely adorable. I loved them any time they had on screen time.

Predictable ending. But when it comes to a love story, they're the best.

I am a huge sap for movies like these, and yes I cried. Why not? I will always love a love story and this movie was absolutely beautiful! The scenery, the actors, the script...everything!

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