Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tune Tuesday - two

This is Tune Tuesday, a lot like Music Monday created by…someone!
Each week I give you a playlist topic from my other blog Camisado Mind and you give me a list of songs that fit that topic. Between 10 and 20 songs. You can post a youtube or download link to the song as well if you’d like, just in case someone hasn’t heard that song before.
This week your topic is:
"Top Five (5) Artists!"

Here is the rest of my playlist:
(with three bonus songs from Demi Lovato)

  1. "Time to Dance" by Panic! At the Disco - link
  2. "Can't Take That Away From Me" by JoJo - link (download free here)
  3. "Playing God" by Paramore - link
  4. "Dirt Room" by Blue October - link
  5. "Assassin" by John Mayer - link
  6. "Believe in Me" by Demi Lovato - link
  7. "Until You're Mine" by Demi Lovato - link
  8. "World of Chances" by Demi Lovato - link*
*not music video or live performance

Go here and leave a comment with the link to your Tune Tuesday post!