Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Album Review: "Can't Take That Away From Me" by JoJo

Can't Take that Away from Me
by JoJo

1. “Can’t Take That Away From Me”
2. “Running on Empty”
3. “Pretty Please”
4. “Why Didn’t You Call”
5. “Just a Dream”
6. “When Does It Go Away” featuring Travis Garland
7. “My Time Is Money”
8. “What You Like”
9. “In the Dark”
10. “Boy Without a Heart”
11. “All I Want Is Everything”

JoJo has been seemingly off of the map for nearly five years now. Her sophomore album The High Road went platinum with the number one song "Too Little Too Late", but her second single "How To Touch a Girl" didn't get the same reception and things went a little south.
After a long incessant battle with her record label, many leaked songs & many different style changes, JoJo was able to bring out a mix tape to hold us over until the release of her third album All I Want is Everything. Which still does not have a release date.
The eleven songs on this album range from pop to hip hop to R&B to soulful-heartfelt music. There's going to be at least one song you'll like (hopefully love)!

A music video was released for the single "(I Only Know Him) In the Dark" which you can watch and listen to by watching the video at the bottom of this post. "In the Dark", which JoJo wrote solo a strikingly real song about love and sex and the very thin line between.

JoJo wrote and co-wrote every song on this mixtape--except "When Does it Go Away"--and has said that she's writing songs for her album as well as for other people. Can't wait to hear those.

From a mix of live instruments to computer generated sounds, this album is a definite eclectic compilation of JoJo's many musical influences and styles. And her very wide vocal range is being heard throughout the entire album.

The one song I just cannot get into no matter how many times I listen to it is "My Time is Money." I just don't care for it. I can't really put my finger on it. But some of the others took me awhile to like, others I loved immediately. A good friend of mine--Derrek--loves that song and has mentioned he'd like a music video....not me!

The title song to her next album "All I Want is Everything" is also featured on this mixtape and I love it. It definitely has Jill Scott/Erykah Badu vibe that I thoroughly enjoy.

Some of the songs I'm still listening to and getting used to, but I already have my favorites.
(faves: Can't Take that Away From Me, Running on Empty, Just a Dream, Boy Without a Heart and All I Want is Everything.)

The song "Can't Take That Away From Me" was leaked a few months before the mixtape was released and I absolutely love it. It has a fun vibe with strong female independent influences.

You can download the entire mixtape FOR FREE at!!
(if you have trouble downloading the mixtape--like I did--let me know.)

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